What Happened to My Fuse?

Although it may seem like you are going from a 0 to a 10 (on the anger scale), in reality you are not. That’s because if you have a short fuse you aren’t actually starting at a 0. So what happened to those first few units of fuse? Why are you starting at a 4 or a 5 instead of a 0?

There are three possible answers. All three may be true for you. That’s common for most people when they come into my office for anger management counseling. The three elements that decrease our fuses are:

1. Poor self-care

2. Stuffing your anger

3. Past unresolved hurts

Which one of these do you think is most responsible for your fuse deficit?

Excerpt from Michael Ballard’s book Taking Control of Your Anger: A Step-by-step Guide to Anger Management