Learn how to get control of your anger and be a healthier parent, spouse and friend

Hidden River Counseling offers individual sessions and group counseling for anger management. We will talk about why you are angry and give you tools to get control of your anger. You will learn how to manage your anger so it does not manage you. When you don't have control of your anger, you can damage your job, your family, and the relationships that mean most to you. If unchecked, anger can cost you your job, your marriage, and even your happiness.

If you reside in the Atlanta-area, you can trust us to help you get control of your anger. The goal is not that you will never experience anger, but that you can learn to deal with your anger in a positive way that avoids doing damage to yourself and those around you.

We ascribe to the ASCEND method for anger management recovery. This is based on the research of Michael Ballard - A Colorado-based anger management counselor. We have seen his book and step-by-step method drastically improve individuals ability to deal with their anger in a healthy manner.


Kendall helped me move beyond managing my anger to a life that is filled with more purpose and joy.

Before I went to counseling, if you asked any of my friends or family, they would have told you that I was an easy going guy who was always willing to lend a hand. But inside, I was being torn apart keeping score, seeking the approval of others, and feeling anger more than joy. My anger would leak out once or twice a year and much more frequently in private and in my head. Unfortunately, my wife and two kids often received the brunt of it. For over a year, my wife encouraged me to seek help, but I was afraid of being exposed.

Eventually, I sought help and met Kendall. Counseling was not easy or always fun. It was hard work. But Kendall's approach was a great mixture of helping me over a wall while never allowing me to say I can't do it. Over the last few years, I have had two or three seasons where Kendall and I have met. My experience with Kendall with amazing. He has helped me move beyond managing my anger to a life that is filled with more purpose and joy. He a person in my life that will lift me up and challenge me for years to come.

— A.R.

Why Does the ASCEND ® Method work?