As women, we often feel we have to “do it all”. Have the perfect career, the perfect partner, the perfect body, the perfect life. Or at least continually strive to be our own version of perfection. In our never-ending quest, we often find ourselves feeling stuck, unprepared, or yearning for change.

We forget that being a woman means facing challenges and transitions across the lifespan, uniquely. From young adults facing “quarter-life crises”, wanting to find true calling and passion. To women at any age pondering what it would mean to change your job or career. Or processing the complex joys and difficulties of motherhood and caregiving. Working on healthy relationships and boundaries. Exploring and learning what it means to be authentically yourself in this world, and looking at the patterns that have sustained feelings of dissatisfaction.

Women tend to feel guilty for not living up to the standards we (and the world) have placed on ourselves, resulting in feelings of failure, unhappiness, or other forms of dissatisfaction in life. At Hidden River Counseling we are committed to helping you find your way amidst all of these challenges and work with you to feel confident and empowered in your unique self and your unique strengths. Please contact us for more information.

Do you feel stuck, unprepared or yearning for change?

A Few Areas of Focus:

Healthy Relationships and Boundaries

What does it feel like for you to say “no”? Be honest. We understand the feeling of wanting to do it all and to do it well. In order to be the Superwomen we aspire to be, we have to learn healthy boundaries, healthy communication, and self-care. Sometimes it means looking at unhealthy patterns and learning new ones. Or processing the guilt, shame, and other common feelings taking care of yourself brings up. We are here to help you feel empowered to have healthier relationships and boundaries.

Motherhood and Caregiving

Motherhood is a lifelong journey. We are here for you from the beginning throughout the many changes along the way. Are you anxious about starting a family? Struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety? Finding it hard to balance your work and home life with young children? Worried about your preteen or teen? Are your children grown and you are working to redefine what it means to be a mother of an “empty nest”? Are you caring for an older parent or loved one while also raising your children?

These are just a few of the questions we can help mothers navigate at Hidden River Counseling. Your experience of motherhood is uniquely your own. If you are struggling to feel confident in the role of motherhood, please call us today.

Young Women and the “Quarter Life Crisis”

If you are in your 20s or 30s and feeling insecure about your future and what it means to be an “adult”, you’re not alone. You may be questioning your career, friendships, romantic relationships, finances, and future. While these questions are normal, they can still be sources of dissatisfaction and discomfort. At Hidden River Counseling we can help you process these feelings of doubt and insecurity and help you live more genuinely and feeling more inspired.  

Divorce Recovery

Getting a divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. Women tend to experience feelings surrounding the process of divorce uniquely. If you are in the process of divorce or recovering from the aftermath, we are here to help you navigate these new waters.


As women, we are often especially sensitive to the aging process. At Hidden River Counseling, we help you redefine what it means to be authentically you during this transition in your life.

These are just a few of the many unique challenges women face throughout our lives. If you are struggling with something other than these areas of focus, we are still here for you. At Hidden River Counseling we will listen to your struggles compassionately and help you find solutions to live a more fulfilled life. Please call us today.