Are you struggling to put your relationship back together? There is hope.

Affair Recovery

If you are in a relationship that has suffered from an affair and are trying to put the pieces back together, Hidden River Counseling supports you along the entire journey.  We have a full disclosure intensive program that will aid in the healing process while helping avoid unnecessary damage to each other and the marriage along the way. One thing is certain - there is hope for your marriage.  We have seen hundreds of couples work through tremendous pain and betrayal.  This is not a road you can or have to walk on your own. 

The challenges that life puts on a marriage are extremely difficult to juggle. There are countless things vying for the top position on our priorities lists and often the first thing to fall down the list is that which seems constant, our relationship with our spouse.  It is so easy to let our marriages play second fiddle to the tyranny of the urgent.  Research suggests the five most common reasons for divorce are: money, relationship with in-laws, children, sexual intimacy, and faith.  These five areas of tension have one thing in common: communication.  If we cannot communicate, we cannot be in relationship.  Marriage counseling will aid in the difficulties you encounter as you navigate the road towards a healthy marriage. 

In session, you will have professional support while you learn to bridge the gaps in communication you have encountered over the course of your relationship. Resentment will ensue if you do not do the work necessary to learn how to communicate about difficult issues in your marriage.  Resentment leads to distance in the relationship, and distance, over time, creates a propensity to search for an escape.  Escape can look like emotional withdrawal, addiction, affairs, and even divorce. Hidden River Counseling believes that marriage counseling is essential for couples seeking to maintain, or return to, the healthy union they long to enjoy. We are trained in and utilize the Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) model of couples counseling to foster a new and authentic connection between partners struggling to reconnect after years of living as roommates, an affair, or just a season of transition.


I moved from crisis to calm.

“I gained new insights on my past and current state of mind, my relationship with my wife and family, as well as my need to develop strong relationships with other men. With the personal tools, habits and skills that Kendall helped me develop, I moved from crisis to calm."

— L.I.

Compassionate but objective.

“Always compassionate but objective, Kendall asks the hard hitting, thought-provoking questions that require you to dig deep and explore your inner soul. His expertise with intimacy disorders was invaluable to me.”

— M.L.

He has given me my life back.

“With Kendall taking the time to walk with me if only for a brief moment on my journey he has given me my life back. Sincerely and forever grateful."

— C.C.

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