"Kendall helped me confront my addiction."

“I started seeing Kendall Flowe to help me overcome my addiction to pornography. Through individual and group therapy, Kendall helped me confront and combat my addiction by attacking the underlying emotional drivers behind it, as well as providing practical safeguards against it.  Ultimately,  Kendall played a crucial role in saving my marriage, which had been negatively affected by my pornography use.  I’m grateful to have met Kendall, and would recommend him to anyone struggling with sexual addiction or marital difficulties.”

— J.F.

“I was worried there was no way out."

“When I first met Kendall Flowe, I wasn’t sure my marriage of over 40 years was going to make it, or if I even wanted it to last any longer.  This was the second time I was seriously hurting because of sexual addiction issues that were not fully faced after several years of work I thought was going to fix me.  I was worried there really was no way out of the mess I had made, again.  In our sessions, we did many things, the biggest being digging into my rock hard heart.  One assignment was to come up with my goal for intimacy.  I discovered I could not even define this word, much less figure out what it should be for me.  With kindness and thoughtfulness, I was guided into a new world of deep feelings and how to let them out in an appropriate way.  This and many other helpful resources saved my marriage and helped me visualize and find freedom.” 

— D.S.

“A mere ten months ago, my husband was a shell of the man he is now.”

A mere ten months ago, my husband was a shell of the man he is now. He has a new heart and has dedicated himself to better decision making, which is resulting in a better life for him - and me. I will forever be grateful to Hidden River Counseling for the role you played in these life-altering choices. You have taken him down painful paths that have been extremely difficult for him as well as challenging. As a result, he has become more aware of why he made poor choices and you have given him the tools to now be aware of certain signs to encourage him to make better decisions. Devoting the time with him to expose his past has made him aware of all the "whys" and has resulted in a much needed healing process. As a result, there has been forgiveness and some reconciliation. The results speak for themselves loudly in the man I am married to and in the relationship we now share.

— Wife of client

Should you get the chance to work with Kendall Flowe, you are truly fortunate. He is a major blessing in my almost six decades of life.

— R.A.


“He is easy to talk to and very understanding.”

I went to Kendall to address a number of issues including substance abuse, a tumultuous romantic relationship and lack of direction in my life; that combined were causing anxiety and feelings of depression. It was quickly determined that the root of my problems stemmed from negative early childhood experiences with my family and peers alike. After less than one year of working with Kendall my relationship with my parents became better than ever, I quit using drugs to cope and my self esteem dramatically improved. He is easy to talk to and very understanding. I highly recommend him as a therapist.

— M.F

“A great listener.”

Kendall Flowe is a consummate professional counselor...a great listener...tender when the situation requires, tough when necessary. Always compassionate but objective, he asks the hard hitting, thought provoking questions that require you to dig deep and explore your inner soul. His expertise with intimacy disorders was invaluable to me. He's very flexible in approach...he has the unique ability to meet you where you are that day, sometimes requiring him to completely deviate from his plan and focus on the issue at hand.


— M.L.

"Kendall pulled me out of the darkness and gave me hope."

I started seeing Kendall in February 2014 after my sexual addiction caused my world to come crashing down around me. Through one on one and group therapy Kendall has helped me understand and address my addiction. He gave me hope and helped me see my worth when I felt I had none. Kendall is passionate about his work and dedicated to his clients. Talking with him is more like talking with a lifelong friend rather than a therapist. He is compassionate, relatable, intuitive and honest. I would highly recommend Kendall to anyone considering therapy.

— K.H.

“He has given me my life back.”

Life is a journey, and over the course of my life I have taken some turns that have cost me the most important part of my life, my wife and son. My anger was out of control and the ones closest to me were suffering the most. I was at a loss moving forward and desperate not to make the same mistakes.

Putting myself under the therapeutic care of Kendall provided me with the life tools to succeed in all the relationships that life requires, I experienced both group and individual sessions with Kendall and was able to thrive only because Kendall was listening, understanding and knowledgeable of my anger problem.

With Kendall taking the time to walk with me if only for a brief moment on my journey he has given me my life back. Sincerely and forever grateful.

— C.C.

“I moved from crisis to calm.”

I had the good fortune to meet Kendall in the summer of 2013 and continued to work with him throughout 2014. During that time, I gained new insights on my past and current state of mind, my relationship with my wife and family as well as my need to develop strong relationships with other men. With the personal tools, habits and skills Kendall helped me develop, I moved from crisis to calm. 

— L.I.